A girl and her dog

Another photo shot in 2006, this one is of fashionista Alyssa Key of Love Brigade. Alyssa is gorgeous, sexy and cool as shit to boot. Before the shoot started, she asked if it was okay that she bring her small dog with her. I love dogs so it wasn’t a problem at all. Johnny was running around us in circles the entire shoot. He is adorable. I have never been a fan of little dogs, but he is definitely an exception.

Here is a photo of Alyssa and Johnny. I think it shows her love for the little guy and he seems to know exactly where the camera is at all times.

Quick note: When the shoot was over, I drove Alyssa and Johnny back to Brooklyn (I was living in Queens at the time) and Johnny decided to give me a “double exit” in the car. That’s right he threw up and pooped in the car at the same time. Although Alyssa felt horrible, it was pretty damn funny and easy to clean up.

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  1. Dogs says:

    Dogs in cars, dogs in boats, dogs in beach chairs, and one little Chihuahua hanging out in a slipper. Dogs

  2. As always, you have a great eye for capturing wonderful moments.

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