Bell… a little trip to Philly

I realize it’s been a while and I apologize to the tens of people who have ever read this thing.

Anyway, been starting to pick up the camera again. Took a little time off to get things settled, but now I am back!


I had an opportunity to work with a fantastic model based out of Philly. Her name is Bell (her real name will remain a super duper secret). Bell is a beautiful 32 year old woman. We had a really good exchange over email prior to shooting so I was excited to meet her.

Bell mentioned that she had a fabulous makeup and hair team that was going to work with us and she didn’t disappoint. The makeup artist was Jessie Callan. The hair stylist was Nina Jones. They are both extremely talented and did a great job… especially with this look which is my favorite from the shoot. I think we did okay, right?

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  1. veronica says:

    absolutely radical. both the model and the photog. 5 stars Marcos. Thanks for sharing!

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