Agency Testing and Portfolio Development Available

I am now offering agency testing for agency models and talent in the Las Vegas area. Full-day and half-day rates available. Acting and performer head shots are also available. Makeup/hair and wardrobe included. Contact me for more details.


These are from last year, but lately I have been amazed at what I haven’t shared on my website… so, I thought I’d share some photos from October when we had our set at Photo Bang Bang looking like a room out of Saw or Hostel. I had this idea of having Curtis dress as a “Man in Black” character terrorizing women. It falls in line with every horror movie from the late 70’s and early 80’s so I figured it might be a fun thing to play around with.

Here is a series of the photos that I shot with Kyeri as the victim.

The photos in this series are available for purchase, in limited edition, signed and framed or shipped without frame. Contact for more information.

Krysta Kaos – Vintage Phone Sex Operator

The AEE/AVN was in town last week in Las Vegas, which meant that one of my favorite models was coming to town. Krysta Kaos is a beautiful, tattooed model/porn starlet… she lives in the Bay Area in California, but we had an opportunity to shoot together almost two years ago when she lived just outside of LA. Anyway, she is one of those girls I just want to steal, throw in my car, and drive around looking for places to get out and shoot. I love Krysta because nothing is off limits with her, so my photos are only bound by the limits of my own ideas/creativity.

Being a porn starlet/nude model, Krysta has quite the collection of pictures of her entire anatomy. So, we decided to keep her clothes on for the majority of our shoot (aside from the dirty Polaroids taken with my 195 land camera). We have a retro set built out at Photo Bang Bang, complete with an old red rotary phone, a bunch of taxidermy and other stuff straight out of your grandparents basement. Krysta had a really nice lingerie getup, so she did her best quasi-pinup look (as I am not a pinup fan) and turned out these photos.

I love these photos … I love Krysta … and I love you and your Mother.

Here are some links to see more of Krysta:!/krystakaos


I have been fielding a lot of questions about my rates lately, so I thought I would post them here… this way they are clearly laid out for prospective clients. This is a guideline to follow. Please keep in mind that while there is always room for negotiation, I have a daily cost of doing business that needs to be covered. SO, I will not be doing trades with the hopes that you will be in MAXIM and take me along with you when you become the next Megan Fox. However, if you are a model or aspiring model and need to get a couple of new shots for your book, contact me and we can work something out that fits within your budget… within reason. Also… “within reason” is not $20 and a cupcake


  • Studio session (includes portraits on seamless paper, or studio backdrops): $150 per hour with a 2-hour minimum
  • Studio half-day rate (4 hours): $500
  • Studio full-day rate (8 hours): $1,000


  • Sessions: $175 per hour with a 3-hour minimum
  • Half-day rate (4 hours): $600
  • Full-day rate (8 hours): $1,200

Location fees are not included in my rate. I can handle payment for location fees, but they are an additional cost and will be passed on to the client as a separate line item.

With every shoot, you receive a private online gallery with low-res, untouched proofs. You may download the proofs to keep as a reference. You will receive 3-4 fully retouched photos per “look” (‘look’) meaning change of clothes/hair/makeup/concept. These photos will be available online for download. You may print them locally or use my online fulfillment to have them printed. I will also provide you with a release to print your selected photos.

I have had the pleasure of working with many talented makeup artists and hair stylists in the Las Vegas area. Fees for makeup artists and hair stylists vary and will be determined per shoot. Once again, makeup/hair are NOT included in my rate, they are a separate fee and will be a separate line item in your invoice.



Life on Mars

My life in Las Vegas has been such a strange and completely eye-opening experience. The roller-coaster metaphor applies to everything I’ve endured since I settled out here in town. Life as a photographer in this economy, in this town has been feast or famine. Luckily, Vegas is a fantastic place to struggle. One of the benefits of living here is the low cost of living, so even through the difficult times here I have been able to keep my head above water. Besides, as long as I am shooting my camera, at the end of the day I still can’t believe I get paid to do something I enjoy so much… so poor or not, times be good.

Life on Mars..that kind of sums up my experience here in Las Vegas. Lunar landscapes, the oftentimes strange and outrageous people. Vegas is unique. Unique is a great word to describe my friend Chris Bauder’s art. Lush, sexy, organic, candy-like are others…

“Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids” is Chris’ current exhibition at the CSN Fine Arts Gallery. I had the opportunity to photograph Chris’ show and thought I would share the photos here.

To see Chris Bauder’s work, visit his website: