Wanderlei Silva

Had an opportunity earlier this summer to shoot Wanderlei Silva for JAKT Apparel. JAKT Apparel is an apparel company in Ontario, Canada. They make t-shirts for the MMA audience, and they have several MMA fighters that they make signature edition shirts for. One of the them is Wanderlei. Wanderlei is a legend in the sport, most notably for his record in the PRIDE fighting championships. He is years removed from his PRIDE days, and when I met him for our shoot he was training for a fight with Chris Leben. Even with his crazy training schedule, he was a complete gentleman and professional and gave me whatever time I needed to get the shots.

Since I came out to Las Vegas, I have been looking for opportunities to work with fighters. I grew up a huge boxing fan, and with the corruption in the sport… plus a lack of a heavyweight champion that anyone cares about, MMA (particularly UFC) have stepped in to fill the void left by boxing being a shell of it’s former self. So, it was nice to get an opportunity to shoot a fighter, especially one I have watched so often on TV.

Enough talk… here are a few photos:

Photo Update: Gerra

I have been a bit lax this year in updating, but I am going to start adding a barrage of images to the site… so for the tens of you who wait with bated breath for updates… HERE YOU GO!

This is Gerra. She is a model here in Las Vegas. We met when I shot her for a tattoo magazine cover (I’ll reveal the details from that shoot when I see the actual cover). Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with her a few times and we always seem to yield great results.

Special thanks to Vex Clothing and BlackMirror Designs for providing the wardrobe for these shoots. You can see some of the BlackMirror photos in the latest issue of Dark Beauty Magazine.

Without further doo-doo ado… here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

“Narratives” opening in Las Vegas

If you are in the Las Vegas area on August 4th and 5th, please come to the Brett Wesley Gallery and check out the show. There are eight large pieces being shown. Come and support the burgeoning art community in Las Vegas. Along with my show at the gallery, there are always a ton of activities with openings happening in the downtown area. For a fun time, go and see the Ice Cream Pop show at Happenstance Studios. It’s next to Photo Bang Bang (my studio) and will be a good time with some really great pieces available for purchase and your viewing pleasure of course.

See the showcard below:

White Wall Summer Special

I am running a special over at Photo Bang Bang (my studio in downtown Las Vegas). I will be doing white wall photo sessions for $100. This will run from June through the end of September 2011.

The details:
The sessions are ONE HOUR long. You have an hour to shoot as many looks that you have wardrobe for in that hour. You come prepared (hair/makeup done beforehand or bring a makeup artist with you) and bring wardrobe and props. You will receive 2-3 retouched photos from each look (delivered digitally) in hi-res (for print) and web-ready.

This is a really great opportunity for people who are on a budget and need some great shots for their book. This is also really good for those of you traveling to Vegas and are short on time and money…

Please note: You MUST book within 1-2 weeks of your shoot date. Based on the length of the shoot and the deeply discounted price, I cannot book these shoots any further in advance.

Here are some samples so you can get an idea of what is possible:


Update: Shooting in California

Last week I took a trip to California’s central coast to visit with my friends Jessie and Pat. Jessie is a makeup artist from PA that I have worked with several time in the past. Her Mom, Rycki, just moved out to Paso Robles last year and Jessie was visiting her new home for the first time. I was invited to come down, hang out and do some shooting… and anyone who knows me is well aware that I am up for a road trip just about anytime.

As it turns out the drive to Pas Robles from Las Vegas (Henderson to be exact) is about six-and-a-half hours… but it was well worth it. That entire area is really picturesque and breathtaking. Anyway, without going into all of the details of my trip (including a canceled shoot), on Tuesday I had a chance to shoot with Rebecca Kensrue. Rebecca is a model from the area. We spent the day together shooting and overall had a really nice time.

Here are some photos…