Feeling Christmas

So, this year is the first year I am spending Christmas completely solo. 35 Christmases with family thus far and now I am 2,600 miles away from my parents, with no money in the travel budget, so a quick hello on Skype will have to do. I haven’t been a fan of Christmas since I was a kid. It has felt like such a commercial endeavor for so long that it lost it’s luster.

But, with no family of my own to speak of out here in Las Vegas, I had an opportunity to shoot some fun family portraits this year. My friend Jayk, with whom I had lost touch with for many, many years, lives in Las Vegas and came over to Photo Bang Bang with his son Ryder for a Christmas photo. After that, Joel Spencer from Happenstance Studios came by with his wife Jen and their daughter Olive to have their photo taken as well.

Curtis and I had set up a “Las Vegas tunnel people” set in the studio so it kind of set the stage for some interesting family Christmas photos, considering how difficult a year it’s been for most people. There’s something strangely appropriate about the setting…

The last family to get in the tunnel was Curtis’ clan. Curtis, Megan and Adrienne were here in the studio and with the lighting setup from the shoot with the Spencers earlier, decided to dress it a little a little differently and get some family photos of their own.

Here are some of the photos from the week.

It was nice to see families together, if for no other reason than to live vicariously for a few moments. Everyone appears to be happy with the photos so I am glad I was able to do my part in making the holidays fun for the people around me.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there… and to my parents, see you on Skype!

2 Responses to “Feeling Christmas”
  1. CJW says:

    Thanks for taking our portrait.

    Maybe we should do one last Xmas shot. The Photo Bang Bang family needs one.

  2. Megan says:

    I was googling myself to see how innocent my name pans out on the internet and found this. Things sure have changed a lot for EVERYBODY in two years…

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