Getting Waisted

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with my good friend Lisa Lorenz of Waisted Couture Corsetry. She does amazing corset work. You can buy her corsets at Waisted Couture. Lisa also designs dancewear. Pink Doll Boutique is the name of her dancewear line. Go buy some… then come by the studio and have me shoot you in it. :)

Anyway, I went back to an older style of shooting for me with my most recent shoot with Lisa. When I first started photographing models, I was doing a lot of back-lit photos using a softbox for fill at about 45 degrees to the right of the camera. I like the idea of the back-lighting becoming the key light, where controlling the image becomes an exercise in organizing chaos (dealing with all of the lens flares). There’s a sensuality to this style of lighting as well that I enjoy which lends itself well to photographing women… kinda like watching someone take a bath in light.

For a little behind-the-scenes info, I generally set my back lighting at somewhere between f/16 and f/22 using two lights shooting across from behind the screen. The screen is a panel had I sewn together made of ripstop nylon. The softbox I am using is a 47″ octagonal softbox that I am basically using as fill. My camera is generally set at either f/11 or f/16 depending on how crazy I want the effect to be. In some cases, I will create the fill with reflector panels, but that limits my ability to move around so having a light set up for fill gives me a bit more flexibility.

Here are some selections from that shoot:

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