Glasgow 01.

So I arrived in Glasgow this morning at 7:30 a.m. GMT. The process of getting through checkpoints was pretty simple and I got to my baggage quickly. The flight was great, especially since I slept through most of it. =)

After I picked up my luggage I walked towards the exit and was greeted by Shay’s Dad holding up a sign that read “MARCOS is the man.” That was a pretty funny thing to see… I was warned that there would be an awesome sign and she didn’t disappoint.

I took a taxi from the airport with Shay’s dad to my hotel. He dropped me off and went back to her flat.

So, I took a nap and now I am about to head out for a walk. I have yet to take a picture because I am a shithead… or maybe due to exhaustion, but I plan to change that. Just the drive from the airport to the hotel got me incredibly excited to be here. Glasgow has all the amenities of a modern city, yet somehow has managed to maintain an old world charm in its buildings and lush greens… OH, and I can listen to the locals talk all day.

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