Glasgow 03.

Had a fun time hanging out with Shay’s family yesterday. They are all really great. It was her niece’s birthday so we had a birthday cake and pizza. I am happy to report to you that Domino’s tastes the same in the UK as it does in the US.

After having a few too many beers that didn’t quite sit well with my jetlag, I walked back down to the hotel and got into my room at 9pm. I fell asleep at what I figured to be about 9:01pm. I woke up at 2:30am in a pool of my own sweat as there is no AC in the room. I called the front desk and unfortunately there were no spare fans available so I had to sweat it out. I fell back asleep at 4am and slept until 7:30 or so. All in all I feel much better having caught up on sleep, but man it was rough.

Now for the photo of the day (or post I should say). As many of you know, I shoot the occasional “saucy” image. What can I say? I like the girls… anyway, I am a staff photographer for Deviant Nation (DN). DN is a mecca for heavily tattooed women and the people who love them. Anyway, here is a photo from a recent shoot for DN, featuring the model LuxLux. WARNING: sauciness ahead…

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  1. BK says:

    Hi Marcos

    Nice work matey!
    I’m a photographer based in Glasgow and I would love to see some more photos you took in Scotland, so keep ’em coming.
    All the best


  2. Hollywood says:

    I hate you. I truly hate you.

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