Glasgow – The Wedding – Pt I – Getting Ready

From shooting the wedding, to the rest of my trip there was just too much going on to stop in the middle of it all and blog. Maybe someone can recommend a time management book for bloggers. Thanks a lot… I know I have been slacking but I promise I am back (thanks to Sylvia for providing a much needed kick in the tail).

SO, the morning of the wedding had me a bit concerned as the rain was coming down with serious force. The skies were several menacing shades of gray and things just didn’t look very good. I caught a cab with Shay’s Mom CJ up to Shay’s flat and the cab driver assured us that the rain was “goen ta clear up.” We felt a lot better after hearing that.

I need to take a moment to say that the people of Paisley/Glasgow and most of the Scots that I spoke to over the course of the week were some of the warmest people I have ever met – even to the ignorant American…

After I arrived at Shay’s the rain started to clear up a bit and in the distance it even looked like the weather was going to break. Things looked good. The girls were running around getting ready. The girls were Josie (Shay’s best friend and maid of honor), Jillian (Shay’s close friend in Paisley – a fine Tomboy-turned-bridesmaid), CJ, Amanda (Shay’s stepsister), and Sierra and Shelby – Shay’s two adorable nieces. Here are some photos from the morning prep.

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  1. Lauren says:

    You are TOTALLY shooting my wedding one of these days!

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