Going way back…

So, my computer took a big Cleveland steamer on me last week so I had to build a new workstation. I am all suited up with a Core i7-based machine now and it screams, so I guess after all that stress it wasn’t so bad in the end as I am happy with the computer I am “stuck” with now.

As I have been getting things organized with the new machine, I took some time to get reacquainted with some of my oldest work, going through a bunch of stuff in Lightroom from 2006. As I was “thumbing” through old work, I came across a shoot I did with a model named Angelina Dee. She was a nude model from England and was in NYC staying with her boyfriend for a few weeks. We shot, had a great time.

I always seem to double-take when I go back to this shoot and I think I finally realized why…

I shoot a lot of clothed, nude and partially nude women. I think there is an assumption that the motivation to shoot naked women is to “see bitches naked.” While I am sure that is the case for some photographers out there… the truth is that tits are tits. All women have them so after a while tits don’t differentiate one woman from another (except in rare occasions where there is an undeniable call to attention from a magnificent set of boobs). What it all comes down to for me is the eyes. We speak with our eyes. Angelina was my first shoot where the eyes trumped the boobs and I guess that’s why I always go back to it.

Here are some oldies, but goodies (I hope).

NOTE: It is important to note that my anecdote about breasts is purely stated from a photographers’ point of view. Personally, all boobs are different and deserve our praise and undivided attention whenever possible.

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