It’s easy to forget…

Nice subject, right? I am not going to subject you to a long spiel about life and blah blah blah… it was just a subject line that made sense to me when I was thinking about how to describe my latest shoot that I just had to write about.

About a month-and-a-half ago, I was contacted by a model on Model Mayhem by the name of Engel Schrei (that’s her model name of course, her real name is Natalie). Engel is a bit of a gypsy, wandering around the country, modeling for photographers, and couch surfing all along the way. She is a free spirit to say the least. Anyway, Engel contacted me about setting up a shoot when she was coming to town in June. After looking at her work, I said something along the lines of “umm… yes please!”

Some time had passed, and the date slipped my mind. When she was in town, she contacted me again and we set up a date to shoot in the studio.

When shooting fashion and beauty work, which is all about the concept or the apparel, for me it is easy to lose sight of why I do this and have committed myself to shooting for the rest of my life (however long that may be). I do this because I am completely enamored of people. Everyone has a story and faces intrigue the hell out of me. The great thing about shooting portraits is the time you have together with the subject. Everyone is different… some people are extremely guarded, others are an open book. Those differences are what make every person so uniquely interesting.

Engel shoots a lot of different work… she is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is a total chameleon. She completely changes appearance when she is wearing makeup… she just has it. When I met her at the studio, she was wearing rimmed glasses, a rather hippie skirt and a t-shirt. She kind of reminded me of a modern day “Adrian” from Rocky… and if you know how much I love Rocky, I had an instant crush.

We had no makeup or hair for the day, no concepts in mind… she just came by and we just hung out and took some pictures. We talked a lot, had Chinese food, listened to her really eclectic iPod playlist and we even managed to spare enough time to squeeze in a few photos.

Here is the result of our afternoon together.

Here are some links to see more of Engel:

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