My Life as an Internet Hat Supermodel

I thought I would post this picture that was taken by my good friend Matt Terhune of Twentyonefifteen photography. I was helping Matt and his lady Emily Claire out with some product shots for her line of plush goodies on

We took a moment for me to step in and be the male Tyra Banks of hats and here is the result.

Oh… enjoy this one, it is a glimpse at my amazing modeling talent.

6 Responses to “My Life as an Internet Hat Supermodel”
  1. tracey says:


  2. Marcos says:

    You know you love it Matt!

  3. Keith De-Lin says:

    I’ve finally met someone who grows less facial hair than I can!

  4. Veronica says:

    OMG, i have that same hatttt! :)

  5. efd says:

    nice ringflash reflection in those loveable eyes.

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