Photo Bang Bang and Frankenhand

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted an entry… so, I have been working on getting Photo Bang Bang off the ground, as well as recovering from hand surgery. Three weeks ago to the day, I had a tumor removed from my right hand. It was a lipoma, so it was benign… I was happy to hear that news. The recovery has been a fairly steady process. It was tough to do much of anything for the first week and a half. I am right handed… which means that pretty much everything I attempted to do for that first half of recovery was either un-doable, or really awkward.

Three weeks later, however, my hand is healed up and I am back to work. I spent the day with my partners Matthew Terhune and Curtis Walker (with help from our friends Matt Stits and Bailey Jay) painting Photo Bang Bang. Things are really coming together… here’s a Frankenhand and PBB photo update.

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