Scotland… a pre-post-mortem

So I have been here in Scotland since last Friday and it has been such a nice time. Shay and Chris have been incredible hosts, despite their best efforts to ruin my liver. It is amazing how much my capacity to drink increases when I am here. From what I recall last summer when I was here for the wedding I did a whole lot of drinking as well…

The first weekend here was spent traveling to the Isle of Skye. Shay, Chris, Chris’ mate Mark and I all hopped in the VW and took a very scenic trip up on Easter Sunday. It was amazing… here are a couple of shots from the way up. I promise to post more images as soon as I get home and spend more time going through them.

Before we took the trip up to Skye, I decided that I would try to book some local models to shoot off of Model Mayhem… I figured why not and Shay turned me on to a studio in Glasgow that she shot in before. The studio is called Contrast Photography in Glasgow and if any of you are shooters and you happen to be in Glasgow, you will not find a better deal or a nicer person to deal with. Con Carson, the owner, was extremely hospitable and I ended up booking two days and three models there.

The first model I shot was Michelle McDonald. Michelle is an agency model in Glasgow… she is shy and all sorts of adorable. Siân Lidgate did a great job with makeup and Shay was on drums.

The second girl I worked with was Emma Ashby. Emma is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is a 30-year old mother of two, agency model and actress. Emma wanted to shoot some lingerie shots and who am I to say no?

And finally came Morvin MacAllister. Morvin is a new model and this was only her third shoot or something like that… I am a complete and total sucker for redheads (or Ging-ahs as Chris calls them) and she might be the cutest thing ever. I haven’t gotten around to editing much of her shots yet, but here are a couple.

Something about this place that feels so much like a home away from home. There’s a lot I love about NYC… but there is easily as much (or more) that I can’t stand about it. I love the history that surrounds you everywhere you go here. Today we went to Stirling Castle and Bannockburn. It’s a pretty amazing thing to stand on grounds where blood was spilled in the name of real freedom (whether or not the grounds that the Bannockburn museum occupy are the “real” grounds or not). I guess I am just more excited at the prospect of having a choice of what castle you want to see vs. going to look at the brownstones in Park Slope or the IKEA in Red Hook.

Today we head up to Edinburgh to see the Castle, go to Mary’s close and drink some more… I believe the order of the day is Scotch. Should be a good one…

Tomorrow I leave for NYC. I am sad to leave. Chris and Shay have been so awesome to hang out with and have been incredibly hospitable. They are two people I am really happy to have in my life. I am happy to be getting home to Mariola. Her not being here has been the one thing that has made the trip a little bittersweet, so I am happy to get back home to her. I miss her face.

Okay… this has gone on long enough. I am going to get back to my coffee and prep for the train ride to Edinburgh.

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