Last weekend I had an opportunity to go to LA to shoot with a really great person and model. Her name is Shai. There are certain models you just have a feeling about and through my interactions with her online, I thought we had the potential to make some really great images. So, sight unseen… I decided to make the trip out to LA to spend an evening shooting with her. It turned out to be very much worth the effort.

After searching for accommodations to shoot in while in LA, I finally settled on a discounted suite I was able to get at the W Hotel in Westwood. I left Vegas fairly early in the day, figuring I would take mt time with the ride and get there with a few hours to spare before Shai arrived. I have always liked the rooms at the W and have stayed there several times in the past while in LA on business.

After checking in with time to kill, I went out by the pool and had lunch, took a nap and then it was time to shoot…

Enter Shai: she came prepared to shoot. We hung out for a while, chatting about experiences both shooting related and not. When I am shooting with someone one-on-one, I generally like to take my time getting to know my subjects as it always makes for a better shoot. It’s really important for me to establish a report with my subjects. Shai is a great conversationalist, easy on the eyes and up for anything.

We spent about 5 hours shooting and used most of the suite. Here are some images from the shoot for your enjoyment.

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