Sharon TK, Goksun and my Jessie

So… I know it’s been a while. I have been dealing with a lot of things that have kept me from mustering the concentration to put a blog post together. But, here it is…

Jessie Callan came up from Philly for a weekend in the big city with her mom on Friday, and we managed to work in a shoot while she was here. I am lucky I get to work with really talented people and Jessie is a super talented and creative makeup artist… look her up and make her famous so she’ll take me with her.

Anyway… Sharon TK is a model that I have been looking forward to shooting for a long time. Hopefully this will not be the last time we work together. She was a real pleasure to be around and has just the most amazing face. I am partial to redheads, but she is just stunning.

Goksun Ergur is a male model in NYC. Amazingly enough, I have never shot a male model for personal work before. I guess I have just been too busy with the ladies, but he was really great to work with and was a sweetheart to boot. I guess I assumed that some douchebag with a lot of muscles was going to come in and ask where the blender was to make his protein shake. Goksun was as far from that description as you could imagine.

Anyway, I will shut the hell up now and post some damned pictures.


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3 Responses to “Sharon TK, Goksun and my Jessie”
  1. Tanya D says:

    what an amazing makeup shoot! talented team you got that day!

  2. Paula says:

    you are terrific! i wish i had let you take my pics all those years ago. hope everything is great!!

  3. Siân says:

    I knew I’d seen your work before! I’ve looked at Jessie’s folio on MM a few times before, I recognised that last shot as soon as I saw it!

    Had a great time working with you today. Maybe one day I’ll make a trip to New York and we can do it again :)

    Perhaps see you tomorrow.


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