Continuing with my portrait series at work, I got a call to do a quick portrait of Glenn. Glenn has such a great face. In his own words, we captured his “wonderful jaded quality.” I am loving this whole “take pictures at work” thing I have going. It’s nice to be able to do something personally rewarding while being at work. While my job (like any) can be frustrating at times, things could be a lot worse. I will continue... Read More


Continuing with my jack + bill photo work today. I had a visit from Rad. Rad was asked to grace us with his ink for the lifestyle abstracts that we are shooting for the website. As an added bonus I got him to stick around for a couple of portraits. Rad is full of personality and always has a smile on his face(at least I usually see him with a smile). As you’ll see, Rad is… well he’s pretty rad. Do it:Share on Facebook (Opens in... Read More

jack + bill

jack + bill is a new fashion pop-up agency for Porter Novelli. I am serving as the photographer and web/social media guy (i take the pictures and make the website). Here is the image that is being circulated to media as a teaser. The site is slated for an early July launch. I will link to the press release as soon as it is available in all its linkable glory. Do it:Share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click... Read More