Papa John

When I used to live in Long Island City, there was a homeless man who lived in his car directly outside my apartment. He was 73 years old at the time and lived in the neighborhood all his life. He went by the name “Papa John.” John spent his days and evenings drinking to pass the time. If you walked by him on the street he would most likely wave, smile and say hello. He was a really kind person and aside from talking too much and... Read More

Sharon TK, Goksun and my Jessie

So… I know it’s been a while. I have been dealing with a lot of things that have kept me from mustering the concentration to put a blog post together. But, here it is… Jessie Callan came up from Philly for a weekend in the big city with her mom on Friday, and we managed to work in a shoot while she was here. I am lucky I get to work with really talented people and Jessie is a super talented and creative makeup artist… look... Read More

A girl and her dog

Another photo shot in 2006, this one is of fashionista Alyssa Key of Love Brigade. Alyssa is gorgeous, sexy and cool as shit to boot. Before the shoot started, she asked if it was okay that she bring her small dog with her. I love dogs so it wasn’t a problem at all. Johnny was running around us in circles the entire shoot. He is adorable. I have never been a fan of little dogs, but he is definitely an exception. Here is a photo of Alyssa and... Read More