Sharon TK, Goksun and my Jessie

So… I know it’s been a while. I have been dealing with a lot of things that have kept me from mustering the concentration to put a blog post together. But, here it is… Jessie Callan came up from Philly for a weekend in the big city with her mom on Friday, and we managed to work in a shoot while she was here. I am lucky I get to work with really talented people and Jessie is a super talented and creative makeup artist… look... Read More

Bell… a little trip to Philly

I realize it’s been a while and I apologize to the tens of people who have ever read this thing. Anyway, been starting to pick up the camera again. Took a little time off to get things settled, but now I am back! SO! I had an opportunity to work with a fantastic model based out of Philly. Her name is Bell (her real name will remain a super duper secret). Bell is a beautiful 32 year old woman. We had a really good exchange over email prior to... Read More