Scotland… a pre-post-mortem

So I have been here in Scotland since last Friday and it has been such a nice time. Shay and Chris have been incredible hosts, despite their best efforts to ruin my liver. It is amazing how much my capacity to drink increases when I am here. From what I recall last summer when I was here for the wedding I did a whole lot of drinking as well… The first weekend here was spent traveling to the Isle of Skye. Shay, Chris, Chris’ mate Mark and... Read More

Glasgow – The Wedding – Pt I – Getting Ready

From shooting the wedding, to the rest of my trip there was just too much going on to stop in the middle of it all and blog. Maybe someone can recommend a time management book for bloggers. Thanks a lot… I know I have been slacking but I promise I am back (thanks to Sylvia for providing a much needed kick in the tail). SO, the morning of the wedding had me a bit concerned as the rain was coming down with serious force. The skies were several... Read More