Emma Emma Bo Bemma

Emma came by today… she’s a local model who needed a new headshot for her agency. I did the headshot she wanted… then as I was moving stuff around I noticed a really cool little pocket of light hitting the wall from the window up near the ceiling, so I threw on a corset and neck corset and positioned her for action (that sounds way more awesome than it is). I think I found my Julianne Moore… ... Read More

Girls, Corsets and Horses

On Thursday I had the opportunity to shoot at some horse stables in Boulder City, NV. The shoot was setup by Lisa Lorenz. Lisa is a Corset designer based in the Las Vegas area. She is awesome… I like her. I really had no idea what to expect, since I have never really been to a commercial horse stable before… all of the tenants lease space there to keep their horses. I didn’t grow up around horses and had no concept of what it would... Read More

Papa John

When I used to live in Long Island City, there was a homeless man who lived in his car directly outside my apartment. He was 73 years old at the time and lived in the neighborhood all his life. He went by the name “Papa John.” John spent his days and evenings drinking to pass the time. If you walked by him on the street he would most likely wave, smile and say hello. He was a really kind person and aside from talking too much and... Read More

Looking back on Puerto Rico

What a great time Mariola and I had in San Juan. It was amazing to just take a break from everything and not think about all that has happened in the last six months. It would be complete denial on my part to say that getting laid off didn’t affect me. I was emotionally spent after building a career for 10 years and seeing it all go away in a day. When it happened, I kept my head up and talked about all of the positives that would come out of... Read More

The Old Country

On Thursday evening at 11:59 PM. I boarded a plan to San Juan, Puerto Rico with my wife Mariola. I haven’t been back to the “Old Country” in nearly 15 years. We were both sorely in need of a vacation and going to a beach paradise in March to escape the harsh temperatures of Winter in NYC seemed like a great bet… plus there’s a casino in the resort we are staying at and I am always up for having my ass handed to me in... Read More

California Trip

Went to California for 10 days at the end of September to unwind a bit and go to my cousin’s wedding. It was good to see my family that I hadn’t seen in a long time and it was REALLY nice to get away from the office… We split our trip up into three parts: – Napa/Sonoma – saw the vineyards and did the wine tours. We then drove up the PCH and also visited Muir Woods and Stinson Beach – San Francisco – did a... Read More