The image that started it all…

I sound like such a pretentious prick when I say it like that, but I came across the first image I took that made me realize that I might have something here with my camera skills. This image was shot on January 6, 2006, so I am coming to my three year anniversary soon. It feels like I have been shooting for a LOT longer than that. The girl in the photo is my wife and that’s our bed. In our old apartment there were recessed halogen lights in the ceiling and there was one terribly annoying one that sat right above the bed. She was lying on the bed one night and I pulled out my camera because I finally saw beautiful light. I shot this in manual, which was a first for me (thank you John Hedgcoe and your lighting reference manuals).

Anyway, it’s not much if an image. It is still special to me, but you may not like it all that much… but if that’s the case you can kiss my ass. =)

I love you all…

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  1. jc says:


    Awesome image. THanks for putting it out there. I think I may have also had my ‘moment’ taking some pics of my wife too! Can’t post them, but they have inspired me to get more into photography and nudes is definitely where it’s at for me!

    Thanks for a great site.


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