The Old Country

On Thursday evening at 11:59 PM. I boarded a plan to San Juan, Puerto Rico with my wife Mariola. I haven’t been back to the “Old Country” in nearly 15 years. We were both sorely in need of a vacation and going to a beach paradise in March to escape the harsh temperatures of Winter in NYC seemed like a great bet… plus there’s a casino in the resort we are staying at and I am always up for having my ass handed to me in a little one-n-one Blackjack with a dealer who looks just like my dead uncle Ismael.

Anyway, we got in at around 4:30 AM to the hotel and were told that if we wanted to check-in to a room at that time, we would have to pay for Thursday night as well. We decided to roam the hotel grounds a bit. By the way, the hotel we are staying at is the Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino. We walked around a bit outside and layed down in a couple of beach chairs along one of the pools. It was beautiful listening to the ocean, and while it was getting chilly, it beat the hell out of the New York weather (even when it is an unseasonably and balmy 50 degrees).

Mariola does not have the layers of natural warming protection that I have (verbose fat joke) s she got cold in about 15 minutes so we ventured inside to spend the remaining 90 minutes on a lounger inside the nightclub hotel that was closed for the evening. After watching a very funny video on vimeo, I passed out. When I pass out it is never pretty. You know how you look at a baby sleeping and say something like “aww that’s the cutest thing ever!!!!”… yeah, I am pretty much the exact opposite of that. I woke up with drool on my face at 6:28 AM. We went over to the front desk at 6:30 AM and asked if a room was ready and they gave us a room with two Queen beds instead of one King. At that point we were so tired we just wanted any room that had a bed or beds.

As it turns out the room is great. Modern with classic touches. We got the Ocean Vista room so we have an amazing balcony view of the ocean. Its so nice to sit on the balcony at night and listen to the ocean.

On the first day (yesterday) we did the following:

  • – Slept in
  • – Had lunch
  • – Went to the beach
  • – Came back to the room and took showers
  • – Departed for Old San Juan
  • – Went to Fuerte San Cristobal
  • – Ate dinner at Raices
  • – Went back to the hotel
  • – Sat in the hot tub
  • – Watched a retarded movie with Jaoquin Phoenix (Two Lovers)
  • – Went to sleep

I can’t go through everything in detail, but Fuerte San Cristobal was amazing and I absolutely recommend Raices if you want to eat Puerto Rican food that is better than my Mom’s. Yes Mom, I am sorry to say it, but this was the best PR cuisine I have ever had. They make a Mofongo with Skirt Steak that is insane. The single best PR dish I have ever had.

I plan on doing a post-mortem of the entire trip, so come on back know ya heard?

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3 Responses to “The Old Country”
  1. Man, these are just beautiful shots. What a beautiful place.

  2. Jamie says:

    That trip looks amazing. I spent a good few months in a run down prison just outside Old San Juan. The food was delicious.
    Enjoy your trip bud. Send my love to Mariola. Looking forward to more updates.

  3. Matt says:

    Awesome shots. You are getting better at a faster pace now that you are truly just a photographer. It helps that you have a hot wife too four five!

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