This is your brain on Meagan

There is a girl here in Las Vegas… her name is Meagan Taechon. She’s a model. We’ve talked for quite a while about shooting and were finally able to get together on Saturday. I am very happy she came to the studio. I am also really pleased that Conny Wissenback was able to play makeup/hair for me as well. She is one of the most talented makeup artists I have had the pleasure of working with. You don’t need to look any further than the last group of images below. She turned that out like a 70’s pimp turned out yo’ Mama.

Anyway… I will be seeing Meagan again and we will make some very cool images next time. It’s always good to get a feel fro what people can produce when you work with them the first time. I have some ideas brewing now.

Enjoy the gallery!

Click here to see Meagan’s work.

Click here to seeConny’s work.

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  1. ohdeee says:

    I like my brain on Meagan. Another exceptional piece, my friend.

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