Unearthing more from the past…

Well, I thought I would share another bit of my photo past. When I first started shooting I was very interested in nude/erotic photography (I know… why on earth would you ever want to do that?) and I decided to shoot a series that I would still eventually like to make into a book for the masses.

I primarily use my own bed for the series. I was a frequent shopper at Target, buying new sheets before each shoot. Now I have a lot of sheets, which just goes to show you my true dedication to this series. 😛

Anyway, set the same scene for 20 women and you get 20 very different results. You’re alone in bed… nobody is home and you are yearning for that person (man or woman – I don’t care) and let the rest take care of itself. Some were able to jump right into character, and others… not so much. Here are two of my favorites. Enjoy!

The first set is of Patricia, a model from Montreal who fell right into character, and the second is Melissa, who gave Patricia a run for her money.

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  1. rad says:

    beautiful and hot!
    i’d like to request some more but perhaps of the male variety? :)

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