Update: Shooting in California

Last week I took a trip to California’s central coast to visit with my friends Jessie and Pat. Jessie is a makeup artist from PA that I have worked with several time in the past. Her Mom, Rycki, just moved out to Paso Robles last year and Jessie was visiting her new home for the first time. I was invited to come down, hang out and do some shooting… and anyone who knows me is well aware that I am up for a road trip just about anytime.

As it turns out the drive to Pas Robles from Las Vegas (Henderson to be exact) is about six-and-a-half hours… but it was well worth it. That entire area is really picturesque and breathtaking. Anyway, without going into all of the details of my trip (including a canceled shoot), on Tuesday I had a chance to shoot with Rebecca Kensrue. Rebecca is a model from the area. We spent the day together shooting and overall had a really nice time.

Here are some photos…

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