Wanderlei Silva

Had an opportunity earlier this summer to shoot Wanderlei Silva for JAKT Apparel. JAKT Apparel is an apparel company in Ontario, Canada. They make t-shirts for the MMA audience, and they have several MMA fighters that they make signature edition shirts for. One of the them is Wanderlei. Wanderlei is a legend in the sport, most notably for his record in the PRIDE fighting championships. He is years removed from his PRIDE days, and when I met him for our shoot he was training for a fight with Chris Leben. Even with his crazy training schedule, he was a complete gentleman and professional and gave me whatever time I needed to get the shots.

Since I came out to Las Vegas, I have been looking for opportunities to work with fighters. I grew up a huge boxing fan, and with the corruption in the sport… plus a lack of a heavyweight champion that anyone cares about, MMA (particularly UFC) have stepped in to fill the void left by boxing being a shell of it’s former self. So, it was nice to get an opportunity to shoot a fighter, especially one I have watched so often on TV.

Enough talk… here are a few photos:

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